Who we are

Mark and Mike are a director/ cinematographer team that create compelling strategically driven content for brands.

Often involved in the initial concept phases, the Peeled team will work with the brands marketing team to conceptualize ideas and stories to clearly get a message across so that nothing is lost in the process.

Why choose us

We handle everything:

  • Idea Conceptualization + Storyboarding

  • Location Scouting, Permiting + Casting

  • Production

  • Editing, Colouring and Delivery

Our experience

Automotive 80%

Real Estate 80%

Fashion 75%

Adventure  100%

Meet Mark + Mike

We tell stories, love to collaborate, seek out interesting challenges, and pride ourselves on figuring out what we can create to help get your message across. Above all, we like to keep it simple and do it well.

Mark Milburn


To direct commercials all over the world and work with brands to make creative concepts come alive.

Favourite Commercial:
I love the "Recalibrating" commercial from Jeep. It connects with the constant questioning and pressure everyone growing up today faces, and they only needed to show the product 4 times yet everyone remembers who the commercial was for.

Michael Decker


To tell stories and create films that connect and stimulate audiences to take action

Favourite Cinematic Piece:
The HBO special, "Anyone Of Us" - being able to tell the stories of the injured athletes and throughout the film show how focused and hopeful these athletes were who were just hoping to walk again.

Oh... and the Joker.