Our Process + Services

We love making things, collaborating, identifying interesting challenges, and figuring out what we can build to help solve them. Above all, we like to keep it simple and do it well.

You know you need a video to get your message out and raise awareness, but you just don't know how to do it. Let us help you define your messaging.


Once the idea is clear, it is time to map it out.  Storyboarding allows its to get a preliminary look at what will become the finished product

Location Scouting

Once the storyboard is approved we head out and find the perfect locations to film the shots we need. Be it indoors or outdoors we handle all of this.


When a script calls for actors, athletes or models, let us handle the casting process. We have strong relationships with various agencies and casting directors which will ensure only the best talent is used.

Production + Permitting

Building a team to execute a project and ensuring it is being done legally is one of the biggest components and hurdles to fulfilling any creative vision. This is laborious but it is the cog that makes visions come to life.

Post Production

Now that the filming is done, we head into post production. From colouring, editing, music licensing and voiceover to multiple edits for media buyers and social media, we will provide you with what you need.

Efficient, Effective + Strategic

We understand how important it is to deliver on time, on budget and on brand. We believe in complete transparency, and pride ourselves on leaving our ego at the door. This isn't about us, but you, your brand, your message and your vision.

Our job, is to create the best possible version of your creative concept, or help with the creative if needed, and deliver it in the formats you need to perform your tasks.  We understand that media buying drives e-commerce success, so we know that shooting multiple versions, and takes is a commercial understanding... and we embrace it.

Now, let's tell your story.