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The Storm : Land Rover Defender

In late 2020 the team got together and invested in a Land Rover Defender to convert into a camera car. As soon as we did this we knew we had to create a commercial using the Defender to shoot the Defender and of course it couldn't be on some boring city road.  So, we assembled an incredible team, found an unbelievable location with a road that hadn't been plowed since 1992 and created the Storm.

We learned a ton from this commercial about shooting in the elements, unpredictability and adapting to our natural settings.  Of course, as always there are things I would like to change to make it perfect but considering the circumstances we as a team are really excited to share this piece with the world.

A huge thank you to everyone involved who made it all come together.  Check out the full BTS video here:

Mark Milburn
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Michael Decker
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Peeled Media
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Land Rover

March 29, 2021
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