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Why did I write a commercial about Time?

Here is the script of the commercial:

There are only so many things in this world we can really control.

The way we spend our time, and who we spend it with.


What is it worth to you?

To be able to spend more time with your family…

And be there for more moments that matter.  

Moments, that may only ever happen once.

What about spending more time doing stuff for you…

Stuff that inspires you, challenges you, excites you.

Now, what about who you spend it with?

Having the freedom to choose.

Choose those that support your vision, your dreams, your next adventure.

You see, we know that time is something we can give back to you because we value it too.

More time… means more freedom.  

So, what is having more time worth to you?

Mark Milburn
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Peeled Media
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Peeled Media
October 20, 2021
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