Mark Milburn

How do creatives and small businesses survive and thrive during Covid-19?

July 7, 2020

Mark Milburn returns from Episode 20 to shed light on our turbulent times in this minisode. He dives into the changing landscape of our society and breaks through with insight on how to utilize this period in our favor. Mark recognizes the problem that creatives and businesses are struggling with and addresses practical solutions on how to create new amidst the chaos. Let this minisode uplift your spirits and keep investing in yourself for a higher return in the future.

"It's out of chaos that we create new. The landscape of every business is changing 100%, it's about how you are going to position yourself for your future client."

The Substance

In the episode, you'll hear about:

  • How creatives can and should make noise during these turbulent times, to not survive, but thrive
  • What is the greatest insight into how businesses can thrive during the Covid-19 period and how Milburn himself uses social distancing to explore his own ideas
  • How do you restructure your ROI's to navigate during the period and potentially yield higher returns in the future

Show Notes

2:25 – Restructuring Our ROIs

3:50 – Why Are Your Clients Pulling Out? Identify The Problem and Have that Conversation With Them

5:20 – We are All Sharing the Downside, But, it is Out of Chaos That We Create New

6:25 – Back To School Period

8:00 – Now is The Best Time We Can Punch Above Your Weight Class and Here Is Why

9:10 – Drop Your Ego and Start Helping

10:59 – Creatives Have To Bring The Ideas to the Table Now

15:00 – Find Your Ideal Clients – Collaboration is Key

15:45 – Mark’s “We Eat Together” Business Idea Utilizing the Social Distancing Period

18:24 – Mark Challenging the Peloton Business Model

22:10 – Discussing Habitual Changes and The Irrelevance of Current Advertisements in The Face of Social Change

25:10 – From 6 Degrees of Separation to 3 degrees