Mark Milburn

Funds for Foragers

September 25, 2020


Hello Friends and Family, Cinema Fans and those who unfortunately were willing to provide an email at some point in time.

We are less than 5 days out from shooting what has been a truly challenging and interesting journey. The irony in this is that that tone represents the storyline perfectly.  I want to introduce you to Foragers, a sci-fi pilot that Peeled Media is produced, directed and written by Mark Milburn alongside the creators, Kaden Connors and Amira Anderson. So, whats it about?


A terrorist attack destroyed what was once a balanced civilization, progressively focused on global unity. Our heroes; a rag-tag team of scavengers who use their finely honed skills to hack, crash and rummage through the insides of crash-landed spacecrafts during a space age renaissance. What they have learned to do in order to survive could either turn the tides of history in their favor- or be the end of them.


year 2034, Earth: divided, unfiltered, wilderness, surviving communities form “clans” and struggle to survive despite their poverty (rich are richer, poor are poorer), A sophisticated, advanced biodome called Aetheria has been constructed in Earth’s orbit, housing the top 1% of humanity’s wealthiest. It wasn’t always this way, as the project was intended to unify humanity and bring peace. However, a terrorist attack destroyed the government and war distracts those in orbit from survivors on the surface.


sci-fi, dark comedy, action-drama, serious concepts on humanity and survival with the real psychological coping mechanism of humour.


We want to make this great, and truth be told we will. But Covid has made making movies or film about 30% more expensive.  We want to protect our actors and crew, and we want to make sure we make the best product possible in the safest possible way.

We need some last minute help and thanks to some amazing community sponsors we can reward you for your participation.


We made it super simple.  When you donate you are immediately entered to win. To donate... just fill out the embedded form which is secure (donor box) and we will recieve your donation immediately. We will draw a winner after the shoot is done on Oct 05.

Peak Performance is donating one MENS and one WOMENS head to toe ski outfits for the 2020/21 season. (Two chances to win). You will receive:
  • Ski Jacket
  • Ski Pants
  • Togue / Beenie
  • $1200 CAD Value per suit

The Vancouver Club is donating a Dinner for Two in The Vancouver Club's Bar & Grill
  • five-course dinner for two with wine pairings
  • $400 value


We greatly appreciate your support and cannot wait to share the finished product with you.

Mark and the team