What is Peeled?

"From conception to production to the final deliverable, everything was executed to perfection. The ability the Peeled team possesses to produce such high caliber work, on time and on budget and yet remove all of the stress and still have fun is why they now run our entire portfolio of 8 companies."

The rate at which the world is changing and how we interact becomes more rapid with every passing month, it seems. Humans are constantly evolving, similar to the technologies we embrace in our daily lives. With this, comes power and possibility to connect with your audience through multiple platforms on a personal level – increasing the need for high caliber visual content that not only communicates your message, but adds real value to your brand.

Time to Get Peeled

Peeled Media understands the importance of consistent and creative messaging to impact your audiences. From concept to execution, our inhouse video production capabilities enable us to push both creative and technical boundaries in order to build your brand.

Our priority is purpose.

Originally a creative marketing agency – our own evolution has led us to specialize in visual storytelling, whilst incorporating our existing strategy and marketing expertise as elements to feed our film productions from the start. This means that we approach each project with image and identity in mind, knowing how to create RELEVANT multipurpose content to maximise the clients’ marketing efforts.

Who, what, where -

Once upon a time, in the land of Vancouver, British Columbia, Mark Milburn and Mike Decker journeyed to Scotland by a flying metal bird to film a commercial for Land Rover. Upon their return, with many lessons learned, yet filled to the brim with inspiration and possibility, they decided to not let that be the end.

The End.